About Us

Ensuring quality and fostering innovation in education and culture worldwide

About Us

The International Board for Education and Culture (IBEC) is a non-profit organization specialized in quality assurance for higher education. IBEC accredits institutions that award associate, baccalaureate, master’s, or doctoral degrees, including those offered via distance and correspondence education, and direct assessment within these institutions. IBEC aims to ensuring quality and fostering innovation globally.

Our Values

At the International Board for Education and Culture, we aspire to achieve quality and develop competence in academic education and training, and our pursuit of this is always governed by a set of values ​​that stem from the importance we attach to our profession and our goals.

  • Respect

At IBEC, we treat each other as well as all our members and associates with respect and welcome on a personal and collective level. Our respect is directed to ideas, minds, principles, and everything that open human thought may embrace, as long as we welcome and respect the ideas themselves, as they are what distinguish the human essence.

  • Diversity

IBEC appreciates and respects the diversity of cultural backgrounds of its member institutions and individuals, allies and partners, and believes that this diversity would enrich the board’s intellectual and cultural properties and enhance the confidence in its ability to optimally complete its basic mission, which is to spread culture and knowledge throughout the world and remove borders and obstacles between individuals. And nations.

  • Accountability

In IBEC, we hold ourselves, as individuals, as a team, and as a trustworthy body, responsible for all our actions, directives, and decisions. We follow a policy of self-regulation and judge ourselves before we make any external judgment, and thus we bear responsibility for what we deliver.

  • Quality

Quality, efficiency and effectiveness lie at the heart of IBEC’s principles and values, as they are the primary engine that provides us, as individuals and as a team, with the purpose, goal and mission that we are keen to adhere to and ensure its achievement by various means and methods.

  • Creativity

IBEC appreciates brilliant minds that contribute to creating ideas and pursuing noble goals, devoting all their energy to serving and achieving them. In turn, the Board devotes its resources and capabilities to supporting these minds and enabling them to communicate with each other on a global level, with the aim of spreading knowledge and creativity in all fields among all parts of the world.

  • Transparency

IBEC respects all international educational bodies and all institutions and individuals who are members and allies, and is proud of all its alliances, partnerships, values, goals and practices, so the board shares them with the public without exception.

Our Goals and Purposes

1- Ensure the quality of education and academic training of all types through high standards that are set and evaluated for their presence in the bodies and institutions nominated for accreditation through a strict, fair and integrated process.

2- Spread knowledge and culture and make all educational resources, curricula and professional training courses available to all those wishing to learn from all over the world.

3- Strengthen higher education institutions and develop the mechanisms and methodologies used to ensure the best level of student achievement.

4- Enhance the role of technology in education and training through using state of the art technologies in every possible way to improve quality.

5- Achieve international collaboration among higher education institutions with the aim of exchanging experiences and methodologies to ensure the effectiveness of the education process.

Our Vision

Promoting excellence and innovation in education globally

Our Mission

The mission of the International Board for Education and Culture is to assure the educational quality and improve the effectiveness of its member institutions from all around the world.

Support Our Mission

Together, we can transform lives through education and culture

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